Return on Investment (ROI)

Four Stage Return on Investment Model


Access to an audience is an opportunity not to be missed. Dwell Time TV can help.


The right content will improve the audience experience.


People recall their experiences, so let’s make a good impression.


Dwell Time & positive experiences can influence the audience to take action.

About Rex Grigg & Dwell Time TV

Pro A/V from A-Z. Multi-Media. Digital Signage

In 1985, Rex Grigg began broadcasting in college radio and never looked back.  Rex began a professional broadcasting career in 1993 at KXII-TV then at CNN in 1996 which continues to this day.  In 1994, Rex also began a private Media Consulting Business, K-Rex Multi-Media, which provided some A/V content creation for a Defense Contractor, Funeral Homes and Community Theatre… to name a few and he has continued exploring the latest in A/V solutions for a new client base.  Today, as Dwell Time TV LLC, Rex provides a variety of Pro A/V, Multi-Media Solutions, Sales and Service nationwide.  

Our Digital Signage solution alone puts the power of broadcasting in a laptop computer whether you have 1 or 1,000 screens, whether you’re a mom-and-pop shop on Main Street or a 1,000-store corporate franchise stretching from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon.  How?  3-Corporate Manufacturers and 3-Corporate Distributors of Pro A/V gear have teamed with Rex to provide his clients with ANY Pro A/V supply and installation solution from A-Z.  Rex grew up in Texas on an actual working farm & ranch.  He brings that same sun-up to sun-down work ethic to serve each client with genuine interest and energetic enthusiasm except now, Rex isn’t herding escaped cattle back to pasture from a neighbor’s field in the middle of the night.  (Oh yes, he did!)


Audience & Message

Decide what action you want your audience to take or what the message is you want them to take away.  You may already have the message, or we can help you craft one.  Nobody knows your audience better than you.  We know Pro A/V and can help deliver that message.  Call us for a free Pro A/V consultation.


Location, Gear & Installations

Does your venue already have gear?

No Problem!

No Problem!

Let’s discuss the A/V gear you already have, plus the A/V gear on your needs list.

Network of Professionals

Our home base is just outside Washington, DC but we employ a Network of Professionals that do installations coast-to-coast.

Local Installations

All installations are local, so you can either facilitate your own installation or we can employ a nearby professional putting dollars right back into the local community.

Step Three

Sales & Supply: The Who, What & Where...

We can work with some or all your existing hardware, or after evaluating your needs, get the gear shipped to you from our Suppliers, sometimes for less than the cost at local retail stores.  Your choice. 

Our National Vendors have a ready supply of gear and can even offer bulk rates for some qualifying purchases.  We have both Professional and Consumer grade A/V gear.  We work within your budget to match the appropriate gear according to need, scope and scale.

Step Four

Digital Signage: It’s like having your own TV channel!

A combination Split-screen TV / Bulletin board to reach your target audience.
Customized or subscription content (traffic, weather, etc.) to enhance the experience.

Ok, so the equipment is installed, now what? For some AV projects, you take it from here. For Digital Signage, we offer service contracts for Content Creation, Subscriptions & Management. After installations (where needed) we can show you how to manage your Content internally, or we can manage content for you as a service. Cost according to scope and scale. No job is too small OR too large!

Simple Digital Signage

As little as $1 a day for something like a digital restaurant menu or a slide show in a hotel lobby. Occasional content updates (Network Monitoring, Troubleshooting & System Maintenance included).

More Complex Signage

The more updates required daily/weekly, or the more complex the ‘on-screen content’, the more time to maintain.  Call to discuss.

Cloud Storage & Content Subscriptions

We also have subscriptions for cloud storage & content feeds (Weather, News, Traffic, Trivia, etc.)

Call to discuss.

Internet Subscription Services

We also offer Internet Subscription Services that possibly meet or beat your current speed & price.

Call to discuss.

We can even help kick-start and update your Digital Signage with affordable subscription content (news, traffic, weather, trivia, etc…). We can display pre-existing videos meant for your YouTube, Facebook or commercial television campaigns. We can update static content from your marketing files using materials meant for print and translate them easily into a digital presence. All these will maximize your marketing investments by extending or giving new life to old material.

Product, Distribution & Installation Partners


Contact, Consultation and Referrals

Call for a free consultation to discuss Pro A/V from A-Z. PLUS, we have many friends in the Pro A/V industry so, if we can’t do the job, we will find someone who can. Call today. We provide solutions for all things Pro A/V from A-Z.